Tuesday, August 19, 2014

B-SIde Worship: The Get Up Kids - "Central Standard Time"

The Get Up Kids – “Central Standard Time”
Vagrant, 1999

One of the earliest memories I have from when my wife and I started dating was seeing the 7” split the Get Up Kids and the Anniversary did together on her dining room table…melted to form a cute little bowl. I don’t even remember what was in the bowl. Probably nothing, which made me even more frustrated. “How could you!” I think I asked, incredulous. We’ve been together ever since. Coming of age in Kansas City in the late 90s/early 00s, the Get Up Kids were all we had. Outside of the area they are typically met with derision by people who think they know better, but around here they’re basically an institution. Fucking beloved. “Central Standard Time” is a perfect b-side, because though it was recorded along with the rest of their 1999 emo masterpiece Something to Write Home About, it has a lot more in common with the songs on their debut Four Minute Mile. It’s a fine track seemingly built for a split 7” where it doesn’t have to worry about not fitting in. I feel like I’m giving this song a pep talk. “Hey! Don’t listen to them! So what if they’re wearing fancier shoes and are dressed in fancier clothes, you do your own thing. Just be yourself and someday, you’ll show them all!” Ok, maybe this song isn’t going to show anyone anything. It’s a footnote in the Get Up Kids discography, and it’s not even their best b-side (that would definitely be “Mass Pike”), but it’s so damn catchy that you can almost forgive them for inspiring Fall Out Boy.

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