Friday, August 15, 2014

Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods - Split 7"

Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods – Split 7”
Lame-O, 2013 (Clear Vinyl)
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2014
Price: $1.50
Philly emo/pop-punk wizards Modern Baseball’s latest album—You’re Gonna Miss it All—was my favorite surprise of the year so far. So when this 7” and a copy of their first album—Sports—came into the store I immediately scooped them up. Their tracks on this split with fellow Philadelphians The Hundred Acre Woods are quieter than the upbeat overshare gems from their records, but it’s nice seeing the softer side of such a bratty (I mean that lovingly) band. Even if one of the tracks is an acoustic version of Sports standout “Re-Do.” Split-exclusive “(240)” starts soft but builds into a prime piece of emo-revival fare (“She melted and I got her all over my shoes”). The Hundred Acre Woods are quite a bit more sensitive than Modern Baseball (or at least wear their heart more prominently on their sleeve) and lean more toward capital-E Emo opposed to the post-hardcore/pop-punk infused hybrids that have emerged seemingly from nowhere in the past couple of years. I dig it though. Sad dudes is sort of my thing.

Modern Baseball - "(240)"

The Hundred Acre Woods - "All I Love"

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