Monday, April 28, 2014

Modern Baseball - Sports

Modern Baseball – Sports
Run For Cover, 2012
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2014
Price: $5

I professed my love for Philly’s Modern Baseball earlier this year in a review of their terrific sophomore LP You’re Gonna Miss it All. The group’s pop-punk meets twinkle-daddy emo revival meets wry/relatable anthems in the vein of Los Campesinos! dynamic easily won me over. Before listening to that album, though, I listened to Sports. The group’s debut is a bit more raw (not that much, really) but the groundwork of falling in love with girls who only want to stare at their iPhones and the blend of humor and unsaccharine emotional heft was promising. Then again, I have a thing for reedy vocals and big emotional declarations so maybe I’m biased. While the band didn’t evolve too much between albums, Sports is definitely more on the twinkly emo spectrum and it doesn’t serve them quite as well as the high energy blast of You’re Gonna Miss it All. Either way this is a band I’m excited to watch grow because as much as I enjoy their first two records, I know they’re absolutely capable of knocking me on my ass an album or two from now.

"Tears Over Beers"

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