Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The New Pornographers - High Art, Local News

The New Pornographers – “High Art, Local News”
Matador, 2005
Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2005
Price: Free

I think the greatest compliment I can pay to the New Pornographers is to say that they produce great b-sides. The best b-sides, really. I can’t think of another band who has released more single-quality tracks on castaway promotional singles, compilations, and iTunes exclusive downloads. “Graceland,” “Speed of Luxury,” Toronto cover “Your Daddy Don’t Know,” and “High Art, Local News” are absolute monster jams worthy of mass radio airplay. Granted, it’s not that surprising or special considering that the New Pornographers make albums that are loaded front to back with monster jams. Still, I got this one-sided 7” for free with my purchase of Twin Cinema and it straight up kicks ass. The New Porns’ grip on modern power-pop may have slipped over their last couple of albums, but Twin Cinema was one of the catchiest, most rockin’, most fundamentally enjoyable records of the mid-00s and this b-side so craves to be on the album’s tracklist proper. There just wasn’t room, I suppose, and that’s fine because there’s a certain thrill that comes with discovering that some castaway b-side is actually something mammoth. Actually, it’s like digging up a wooly mammoth while doing some routine gardening. “Wow, I was enjoying this but HOLY SHIT A MAMMOTH!” Thrilling. Scintillating. And now I’m going to have this rollicking song lodged in my head all day.

"High Art Local News"

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