Monday, April 21, 2014

Morrissey - "You Have Killed Me" 7"

Morrissey – “You Have Killed Me” 7”
Attack, 2006
Kief’s Downtown Music, New, 2007
Price: $1

“You Have Killed Me,” the first single from Morrissey’s 2006 album Ringleader of the Tormentors was one of my top 10 favorite tracks of that year. I played it to death. I haven’t heard it in 8 years, but listening to it now, holy shit, I must have listened to this song 100 times. The production sounds weaker than I remember. I remember it sounding much more majestic, but it’s still wonderfully hyper-dramatic and has these big, swooping strings that make Morrissey’s personal life sound like the only personal life that really matters. On the flip side, “Good Looking Man About Town” is a legitimate b-side and a quality one at that. It sounds like the Smiths! I mean, the guitar player is obviously trying to riff on Johnny Marr and doesn’t hold a  candle, but Morrissey’s voice is seemingly ageless. Also, the cover image of Moz lounging on railroad tracks is absolutely perfect.

"You Have Killed Me"

"Good Looking Man About Town"

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