Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Flag - "TV Party" 7"

Black Flag – “TV Party” 7”
SST/ Unicorn, 1982
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2014
Price: $3

Black Flag’s ripping bit of satire against a generation glued to their televisions unable to talk about anything but their favorite shows feels eerily applicable to thse modern times where people can’t even take their eyes off their phones to drive their fucking cars. Or take their eyes off of there computer screens where they sit reading commentaries on 30 year old seven-inch records. The greatest feat of “TV Party” isn’t its satire, but that it’s a fucking blast. Just a joy to listen to. A group of punker dudes having a ball. The Chuck Dukowski loops around like someone stumbling around a room and the hilarious chant-a-long lines like “Don’t talk about anything else/ We don’t wanna know!/ We’re dedicated/ To our favorite shows!” make you want to chant right along with the gang. The icing on the cake is the shouted television programs that litter the song (“Dallas!” “Monday Night Football!”). The B-Sides “I’ve Got to Run” and “My Rules” are a couple of Damaged b-sides that have a little bit of My War on them. Fun fact: Five years ago I compared “Loose Nut” to a drunk guy stumbling around the room! I don’t know whether this is the universe trying to tell me something, or I’ve got one simile for cyclical music made by schlubs.

"TV Party"

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