Friday, March 26, 2010

Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs"

Today is the first day where I've not had to work at the store OR do some assigned writing thing and it is my first day off in a long time. I'm not even going to the gym, I'm that excited about this day devoted to sitting around the house, chillin' with the dog, working on ye olde rekord blogge, playing video games, and notably, listening to all the songs I've downloaded in the past couple of weeks that I haven't had a chance to listen to yet. This one, "All Yr Songs," is one I downloaded months ago and put on some work commute mix CD back in January. "What the fuck is this?" I wondered, as I listened to it ten times on the way to work and ten more on the way back.

This track is just wonderful. Just light and sweet and simple without seeming like it was thrown together like a lot of the hip new MP3 downloads I have sitting on my computer. Sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom, but with some actual honest to god pop songwriting talent. One of the most interesting aspects of this song is that it adheres to the tenets of the perfect song. Or, that is, it's two minutes and forty two seconds long, which I read was the perfect song length in an article once. Nowadays, every single mainstream rock/pop band has stretched the pop song out to 5+ minutes, filling those extra two and a half minutes with repetitions of the hook/chorus over and over and over again. I've always been attracted to shorter songs, not because of my attention span, but because I'd much rather listen to a song twice than one long version of it for five minutes. And no one wants to be succinct anymore! So when I hear a song like this, I just go "Yes yes, oh thank god yes" because damnit, it's catchy and when it's over I want to listen to it again immediately.

Sadly, I can't listen to any of this guy's other songs because some rap song is playing over his myspace, but honestly, I'm ok with that.

MP3>>>>>Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs" (via P4k)



  2. listening and watching diamond rings is like eating chips, you know you shouldn't be doing it, but you just can't stop.