Monday, December 9, 2013

LA Tool and Die - "My Brother-in-law Won't Go to Your Show" 7"

LA Tool and Die – “My Brother-in-Law Won’t Got To Your Show” 7”
AAJ, 2008(?)
Acquired: KJHK Music Staff, New, 2008
Price: $0
It makes sense that the only LA Tool and Die related thing I can find on Discogs is their contribution to a Tullycraft tribute album. Because LA Tool and Die is such an awful band name (the band is named after a film dubbed “the Return of the Jedi of gay male hardcore porn”), this is the first time I have listened to this 7”. It sounds a lot like Tullycraft—Borderline twee with references to other bands and wry humor—but it’s really, really rough. While twee pop prides itself on shambling, both tracks here fall flat. The lyrics to “My Brother-in-law Won’t Go to Your Show” are actually really funny (“Now every time we talk he wants to know what happened to the Silver Jews/ That David Berman’s pretty sweet/ And Stephen Malkmus can’t be beat”) but the rhymes are goofy and stilted and while I know these guys aren’t taking themselves too seriously (the b-side is called “1983 (The Year Corey Hart Exploded in My Pants)”), they just don’t quite have the chops. “My Brother-in-law…” is hilariously edited for college radio.

"Don't Touch My Mustache" (the only LAT&D clip I could find online that wasn't for the Kickstarter for the live stage adaptation of the aforementioned gay porno. I am only assuming this is the same band, as this doesn't really sound anything like the tracks on this 7".)

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