Monday, December 30, 2013

Lavender Diamond/The Queens of Sheeba - Split 7"

Lavender Diamond/The Queens of Sheeba – Split 7”
Cold Sweat, 2005
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2010
Price: $1

Christmas songs! HOW CONVENIENT! Considering that it is the Xmas season, I decided to go ahead and not refile this under Q since the Devandra Banhart led group claim the A side on this one. The Devandra-y ness of this 7” is a nice surprise, since I bought this for Lavender Diamond, who are one of those bands that inspires supreme delight. The Queens of Sheeba song is so pleasant! A laid back, pop-folk romp that just basically just repeats the same thing over and over for three minutes, or until holiday cheer is achieved. The Lavender Diamond track is about as pretty as you’d expect. Becky Stark’s lovely vocals skip over subdued instrumentation that sounds like it’s coming from the distant past. It doesn’t tie to the Christmas theme of the A-side, but it would obviously win the day if these two gorgeous folksy tunes entered the octagon.

Naturally, neither of these songs have a web presence and I for some reason don't have a USB turntable, so here is Lavender Diamond's latest single, "I Don't Recall."

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