Friday, January 31, 2014

Hot Water Music - "Moments Pass"/ "Another Way" 7"

Hot Water Music – “Moments Pass”/ “Another Way” 7”
No Idea Records, 1999
Acquired: Crossroads Music, Used, 2013
Price: $3
Fun fact, accidentally playing “Moments Pass” on 33 transformed this track into a really good doom metal song. At its proper speed, “Moments Pass” still grabs you by heart. The combination of Hot Water Music’s emotionally charged (read: emo-tinged a la a more energized Sunny Day Real Estate) riffs and Chuck Ragan’s sandpaper vocals have always been appealing to me. Yet for some reason, I only listened them for a brief spell at the end of high school when I was ape for Alkaline Trio. Alk3 and HWM released a split around that time (2002) and I must have listened to it a hundred times. Alkaline Trio’s cover of Hot Water Music’s “Rooftops” and HWM’s covers of Alk 3 tracks “Bleeder” and “Radio” were enough for me to order No Division from interpunk and to acquire its predecessors A Flight and a Crash and Caution through various channels. Based on the strength of these tracks, I’m thinking it’s time to dig up those albums considering I’ve totally regressed and embraced the music from my 16-18 years and “Moments Pass” ignites some severe joy in my heart and gut. Plus, it's always nice to be reminded that despite all the sink holes, invasive species, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida isn't all bad.

"Moments Pass"
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"Another Way"
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