Friday, January 24, 2014

Love as Laughter - "Do You Experience Alien Boredom?" 7"

Love as Laughter – “Do You Experience Alien Boredom?” 7”
K Records, 1996
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008
Price: $.50
Sometimes I gotta be in the right mood for this stuff to work on me. I’m talking indie rock with pop tendencies pushed so far into the lo-fi sphere that it sounds like it was recorded in a Laundromat with every machine set to its spin cycle and all of the equipment intentionally pushed over onto the floor, semi-broken, put back together again and used to record music. It sounds like shit, but that’s the point, and the A-side of this Love as Laughter 7” is totally working its charms on me. This is the sort of weird thing I have come to expect from K’s International Pop Underground series, which is about as spotty of a series as you’re like to find. Some of these are godawful, some are absolute gems, and some are just plain pleasant, easy, if slightly forgettable alt-pop. Honestly, some of the stuff that is self-awarely lo-fi sounds like garbage if there isn’t a little diamond of a song buried under all of the rubble. Fortunately, both “Do You Experience Alien Boredom?” and the even dirtier sounding “Idol Worship! Idol Worship! We Offer Sleep to You!” have enough going for them at the base level that they sound just fine even though they sound like they were recorded on busted old cassette tapes found at a thrift shop.

Enjoy this little gem here in all of its glorious sloppiness. 

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