Friday, January 10, 2014

Lois - "Press Play and Record" 7"

Lois – “Press Play and Record” 7”
K Records, 1992
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2009
Price: $.50
While Lois has never been my favorite of the 1990s indie pop lady singers, the tracks on this 7” so perfectly capture the gauzey look of the early 90s that they come across as rather charming. The music is incredibly ramshackle, populating the same streams that fed grunge as well as the sweet and cuddly incarnation of punk rock that was twee. This is her first release, so it's a little rough, but again, you can't kill the DIY charm of the early 90s. The spare, acoustic b-side “Long Time Gone” works better with Lois Maffeo’s voice than the jangly pop of the a-side (and the majority of Lois’s discography). It strips away any hint of sweetness and doesn’t feel strained, and while I don’t love the song, I much prefer it to the rather forgettable nature of her usual output.

"Press Play and Record"

"Long Time Gone"

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