Monday, June 23, 2014

Gut Feeling: A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Sea When Absent

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Sea When Absent
Lefse Records, 2014
Fewer things are satisfying than falling head over heels in love with a band upon the release of their fourth album. It means there are three more records to devour and an opportunity to trace the band’s evolution from their humble beginnings to the moment they blew your mind. A Sunny Day in Glasgow craft a weird and wonderful alchemical pop music. It’s like electro pop, but the electronics and synthesizers are muted, distorted and subdued to a point where they feel totally organic. They feel like a ripe, fuzzy peach, buoyed by the sweet, often tandem, vocals of Annie Fredrickson and Jen Goma, with the guitars occasionally slicing through and adding both a sense of grandness to these humble bedroom pop arrangements.

Despite the group’s American roots, their sweet, hazy pop songs recall a gentler My Bloody Valentine and feel like an evolved version of the Sarah Records bands of yesteryear. Though the songs aim for the ethereal, they always feel personal. The songs are so intimate that it seems like a bit of trickery that there wasn’t a time during Sea When Absent’s recording when the whole band was together in the same room. But then again, the modern world excels at keeping us connected to each other even when we are far apart, and this album feels like a testament to technology’s double-edged sword. It’s a great record to put on, sit back, and soak up.

"In Love With Useless"

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