Monday, June 30, 2014

Pinback - Information Retrieved Pt. B 7"

Pinback – Information Retrieved Pt. B 7”
Temporary Residence, 2011
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2013
Price: $1
Despite not knowing what band made this 7”, I bought it based on the really pretty cover art. With a little research at home, I discovered that this is the second of three 7”s Pinback released for Record Store Day in 2011. The three 7”s featured singles from the group’s most recent LP: 2012’s Information Retrieved. The 7” was supposed to come in a paper sleeve that listed the vital information (and even included Pinback/Record Store Day evidence tape!). I’m a fan of fun packaging, and the evidence theme of this 7” is a neat enough treat that it outweighs my hate for bands leaving their goddamn band name off the goddamn record and sleeve. Even more fun: the b-side ends in a locked groove that plays an “annoying, high pitched mechanical noise,” which is listed on the fake evidence form that comprises the inside of the sleeve. Oh yeah, and I suppose there are songs, too. BUT THAT PACKAGING! Pinback has always been one of those bands that I’ll enjoy while listening to their music, but totally forget what they sound like the second it stops playing. It’s the same way with Broken Social Scene. Totally fine, technically well crafted, but lacking whatever it is that encourages memorability. I am making it sound worse than it actually is. A-Side “True North” is a lovely piece of moody indie rock with a bit of prog-rock influence tossed in for good measure. The band is tight and the music is enjoyable, but I just can’t pin down what is missing. But in all likelihood, nothing is missing and this just doesn’t press my buttons the way it might press the buttons of others. The b-side “Cload ‘Q’” is just as good, and I’m thinking maybe Pinback’s place in my catalog is as a band that crafts excellent background music. These tracks seems perfect for late night illustration sessions.

"True North"

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