Friday, July 3, 2015

The Smugglers/ The Hi-Fives - "Summer Games" Split 7"

The Smugglers and the Hi-Fives – “Summer Games” Split 7”
Lookout/Mint, 1996
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2012
Price: $1

The Love Garden Dollar 7-Inch bins are my favorite place to hunt. On my limited budget, it’s a way to A.) Take a chance on weird stuff B.) Get more bang for my buck and C.) Not feel bad about spending a dollar on a 7-inch because it’s no worse than buying a bag of sour gummy worms every time I go to Target. This split betwixt the Smugglers and the Hi-Fives is a whole mess of good clean fun. Ska-punk, surfy riffs, and a grungy garage-y jangle permeate the tracks and, while there’s not really a lot to latch onto on these four songs, they’re the sort you’d hear on the radio in the midst of a great set and wouldn’t reach for the dial. The Hi-Fives track “I need Your Lovin’ Like a Chicken Needs an Oven (When I’m a Little Bit Hungry)” is worth the price of admission alone because what a song title! A band after my own heart!

Random Smuggler's Track because I can't Find the Chicken-in-an-oven song:

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