Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Richie Havens - Mixed Bag

Richie Havens – Mixed Bag
Verve/Forecast, 1967
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2006
Price: $7

I can't remember why I bought this record. Though the cover proclaims that “The WOODSTOCK show-stopper! “Handsome Johnny” included on this album,” I'm sure that wasn't it. I'm betting it was during the Bob Dylan phase and Bob Dylan liked Richie Havens or something, or they played together or were friends and I saw this and bought it. I don't know. I'm listening to it right now and not digging it so much. He's got a great fucking voice, but some of this sounds like some lame-ass almost bossa nova lounge music shit. Although, I will say I really love me some rhythmic guitar. I will say, I can totally see how “Handsome Johnny” was a showstopper. It's pretty much yr standard anti-war song of the time, although it's not a song you would ever see in a Vietnam war movie. It ain't “All Along the Watchtower,” I guess. Oh wait, I bought this because his version of “Just Like a Woman,” featured here, was supposedly real real good. There's also a pretty weird/sorta rad cover of “Eleanor Rigby.” But then again, there's some lame-ass shit like “San Francisco Blues” and “Sandy.” However, his version of “Just Like a Woman” is pretty fucking groovy and I think I might even like it as much as the Dylan version. I can't decide whether or not I wanna sell this one, though. I feel like it gives cred to my record collection or something. This seems like a very shallow argument for keeping a record, but you know, it's my argument. Plus I'd pry get like, $3 for it and I might as well just keep it if that's the case. HOWEVER, this might be worth some money because the labels are on the wrong sides. Do people still love printing errors?

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