Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aberfeldy - Heliopolis by Night 7"

Aberfeldy – Heliopolis by Night 7”
Rough Trade, 2004
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008
Price: $1

For some reason, I thought Scottish indie-poppers Aberfeldy were descended from late Sarah Records sweethearts Aberdeen, but I was wrong. Still, this looks like something I would like, and something I definitely would have played when I was hosting Pop Rocks on KJHK a few years ago in the heart of my indie-pop obsession. Sadly, I don't like this much at all. Actually, strangely, the twangy faux-country b-side “Jennifer” is short, sweet, simple and affecting and will certainly find its way onto a mixtape for Jenny one of these days. “Heliopolis by Night,” however, is pretty annoying and seriously dampens the “Scottish pop bands can't do anything wrong” since I fell into my obsession with Teenage Fanclub. It's twee in a bad way, in that it sounds like a song written for third graders and just kind of stutters along until it eventually ends.

BUT! Check out this cute spaceship insert!

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