Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beginning of 7"s!

After a nice break, it's time to move on to the 7" portion of my record collection. I'm excited, because I'm pretty sure I've listened to less than half the records in it. Most of them come from three sources:

Source 1: When I was 17 or 18, I was hopelessly in love with punk rock. One of my favorite labels, Asian Man Records, had a big vinyl giveaway featuring a box of LPs and 7"s for $25. I remember finding it on the front porch upon returning from school one fateful afternoon. Since then, I've sold off most of the LPs (with the exception of the Broadways, the Chinkees, and a few others that showed up in the LPs portion of this blog). However, I didn't sell any of the 7"s because well, it's harder to justify selling them unless the two or three songs are really just godawful. Even if the song is decent, it's usually worth keeping around. So, there are a handful of those to come.

Source 2: Once upon a time, I think it may have been 2007, maybe 2008, or hell, maybe 2006, I really can't remember, I spent a good couple hours sitting on the floor of th Love Garden Shotgun Room poring over scads of alt-rock 7"s that were a mere 25 cents a piece. Shortly after spending $25 on a big stack of records, some dude came in and wiped the whole thing out. I still haven't listened to a lot of these, but I managed to get through a big handful and there are some fucking gems in there, and I dare say, my favorite record in my whole collection was purchased in this buy. That one comes fairly early, alphabetically, so more on that soon. I wish I had a USB turntable to rip some songs, or even just the Harriet Records stuff, because I can't find this stuff anywhere. That said, IF YOU HAVE ANY HARRIET RECORDS 7" RECORDS YOU ARE LOOKING TO SELL OR GIVE AWAY OR WHATEVER, I WILL BUY THEM OR TAKE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT.

Source 3: The rest are mostly stuff I randomly bought at Love Garden because it was either marked down or because 7"s are just cheap and it's easier to take a chance if a record looks cool. Sadly, I can only buy the marked down stuff now because, like with LPs, the price of 7"s has shot up a couple of bucks and spending $6 or $7 on two or three songs is no longer worth it. However, once those get marked down, hell yes.

This section of the blog will also be interspersed with any new LPs I acquire, mostly stuff I'm picking up at Half Price Books now that I work there and my employee discount is making it very hard for me to resist randomly picking stuff up to try out. There's a small stack I'm going to try to work through once I get through the A 7"s. Yeah!

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  1. I'm doing a similar alpha project, and just by dumb luck happened upon your blog. Excellent stuff, but now I can't continue with the charade that I had come up with a novel idea. But your collection/assessment is great. Especially the 7" catalog. I never got into collecting vinyl, but I'm always awed by how many strange and intriguing bands have released 7"s. At any rate, nice work.