Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alkaline Trio - Hell Yes 7"

Alkaline Trio – Hell Yes 7”
Lookout, 2001
Acquired: Hot Topic, New, 2002
Price: $1

Man, gotta love the Hot Topic bargain bin! This was at the heart of my Alkaline Trio obsession which lasted all throughout the last years of high school. I still love them, despite their latter day sins, all missteps were forgiven after catching their live show. Granted, they played almost exclusively old stuff, so I was easy to please. Anyway, this is one of those songs I can listen to ten times in a row, and that's no small feat! It dates back to the From Here to Infirmary sessions which featured ex-Smoking Pope Mike Felumlee on drums and really, it's still my favorite line-up. “Hell Yes” is Matt Skiba pulling off another brilliant bitter love song. I had this on repeat a lot during 2008, and I was usually sitting alone on my bedroom floor drunk. Perfect drunk heartbreak music, that's what this is! Dan's b-side, “My Standard Break From Life” is another pretty great track. Like “Hell Yes,” it's an awesome b-side that didn't quite fit in on the LP but seems perfectly at home on this 7”. Anyway, it's the bitterness in Skiba's voice and and the sweetness in Adriano's that gets me. That and how Skiba is my hopelessness yin and Adriano is my hopefullness yang. Something like that, if that makes sense...even though "My Standard Break From Life" isn't that hopeful, it's pretty sad, but you know...

Hell Yes.

AND! "My Standard Break From Life" solo!

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