Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Church - The Church

The Church – The Church
Carrere, 1982
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2012
Price: $3

Well would you look at that. I basically just bought Carrere’s year-later French issue of The Church’s debut
Of Skins and Heart. An album I already own and have already written about. Looking back on that review, I can carbon date it because that must have been BEFORE the time Jason Harper told me to stop using the word “stellar” in pieces for the Pitch and I really don’t think I’ve used that word again to this day. But the music here is still “fucking awesome” even if it’s the same album except they replaced “Fighter Pilot…Korean War,” a track I really liked but was apparently like, a dud. In its place is “Tear it All Away” and well, it’s the same fucking album. The cover art is cool though, and I don’t think “She Never Said” is lame anymore because this sort of Australian pop is like, a surefire hit for me. Always pretty reliable, sometimes dated by the 80s, but in this case rock solid yes please. 

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