Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mortal Micronotz - The Mortal Micronotz

The Mortal Micronotz – The Mortal Micronotz
Fresh Sounds, Inc, 1982
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2012
Price: $1.50

Because of course life isn’t ever simple, I’ve been experiencing a little homesickness for Lawrence. Particularly the Lawrence of the summertime when all the douchers (well, most of ‘em) go back to Johnson County and all that is required of you is to work, go to the lake, drink beer, and go to kickball games and generally just hang the fuck out. Here with the Mortal Micronotz we have sounds of Lawrence past. The front cover of this very warped album has KJHK scrawled on it. Oh yeah, and so does the back. And the whole thing is held together with ancient tape. The music is caught somewhere between early 80s SST punk and post-punk and it’s fucking marvelous. Like, “Goddamnit why doesn’t Lawrence have bands like this anymore! Bands that so clearly don’t give a fuck and just wanna make some jams! WHAT HAPPENED?!?” There are a couple bands like that kicking around Lawrence still, but only a couple. I wanted like ten. I played in one that was inadvertently trying to be like one of these bands like the Micronotz or the Embarassement. Just doing it for fun and free beer and like $50 split between three people for guitar strings and stuff. Cooler still, the track “Old Lady Sloan” was written by William S Burroughs FOR the Micronotz. The Burroughs thing should usurp the Wizard of Oz thing when you tell someone you’re from Lawrence. Instead, more often than not you end up explaining that Lawrence is the one sane place in Kansas and I promise we’re not all backwater hicks (well, not all of us, lord knows Lawrence has its fair share of derpers but hey, what burg doesn’t?). Anyway, this record is a lot of fun and you know, it wasn’t going to change the world, but hey it was never trying to and it’s like a little time capsule when kids were seemingly more interested in making music than trying to be cool.

P.S. I know I rail on Lawrence and Kansas a lot, but I should mention that my ideal place of residence is North Lawrence (a few miles after you cross the bridge, turn left at the airport, keep going a little way and there) but in an alternate universe where Sam Brownback isn't Der Fuhrer and trying to destroy what could be such a great place.

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