Tuesday, September 30, 2014

B-SIde Worship: Yuck - "Coconut Bible"

Yuck – “Coconut Bible”
Yuck B-Side, Fat Possum, 2011

I still haven’t gotten over Daniel Blumberg’s departure from Yuck. Listening to the B-Sides from the band’s sterling debut, it just makes the letdown that was Glow & Behold sting a little more. Still, the b-sides are satisfying enough to warrant the feeling of salt in wound. “Coconut Bible” is the best of them, and captures the crunchy, 90s alt rock throwback sound that made Yuck my favorite album of 2011. The guitars are equal parts distortion and chiming and the melody is pure pop gold. Blumberg’s new project, Hebronix, inspires the same bummer emotions as Glow & Behold and illustrates the alchemy of what could happen when all of these people worked together. Here’s hoping for a surprise reunion that will probably never ever happen!

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