Monday, July 15, 2013

Desolation Wilderness - "No Tomorrow" 7"

Desolation Wilderness – “No Tomorrow” 7”
K Records, 2009
Acquired: KJHK Music Staff, New, 2009
Price: $0

I think this came out right around the time K Records was sending us something new from Jeremy Jay like once a month. Jeremy Jay was so boring I got to the point where I lost some faith in my beloved K Records. Or at least quit getting around to whatever they sent to the KJHK music office. This 7” is good though! Desolation Wilderness has a sort of dreamy Galaxie 500 quality about them that I really enjoy. There’s more of a pop edge (of course), and “No Tomorrow” is a hazy and lovely little song. Of course, I namedrop Galaxie 500 and then notice that the little promotion sticker on the front sleeve lists Galaxie 500 as an RIYL. The more I listen, the more obvious that influence becomes and while it’s nice to be reminded of something (the ability to draw comparisons is one of the top-drawer skills of any music writer) if it’s too much it kind of gets to “Why don’t I just listen to Galaxie 500?” territory. B-side “Pacific Palisades” is less effective, and pairs the gauzy vocals buried in the mix with a shitload of reverb. I don’t know exactly what is being reverberated (I’m assuming guitars) and there are some synthesizers in there too but ultimately it’s a tone piece that stagnates. “No Tomorrow” is really nice, though.

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