Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Make-Up - "R U A Believer" 7"

The Make-Up – “R U A Believer” 7”
K Records, 1995
Acquired: K Records Mailorder*, New, 2008
Price: ~$1
From what I can remember, this was part of a four 7” bundle that I bought because I was buying a sticker, a key chain, the Built to Spill/Marine Research Air Mail split and of course the K Records badges that adorned my hoodies from 2008-2011 (they have since rusted or vanished, but I think there is one still floating around in a box of stuff I can’t bring myself to throw out). I forget which other 7”s came with this weird little set, but I’m sure I’ll remember as I encounter them. I should note, this one was filed under D because it says “Dub Narcotic Disco Plate” at the top and since I just realized this mistake after I started writing, it’s just gonna stay in the Ds forever. Not that I am ever going to listen to it again. It’s basically useless. I can’t really say anything about the Make-Up’s discography as I haven’t listened to a single one of their albums and considering the big time indie rock royalty listed as producers on their Wikipedia page (Calvin Johnson (who I’m pretty sure produced this little number and appears on backing vocals on the b-side, which is just a different version of the utterly senseless “R U A Believer”), Ian MacKaye and basically the majority of Fugazi, Royal Trux, etc, etc, etc) they’re probably worth at least a damn. But this single is rubbish. But there’s also a whole heap of shit I don’t know about the DC post-punk/post-hardcore scene so I’m not really one to talk. My guess is that this cut is meant to be totally innocuous and obnoxious.

*There’s a little squid stamp on the sleeve, which makes me think that maybe this came from the Love Garden Shotgun Room, as the squid stamp is the way their mark for cheap, not-good-enough-to-put-out rekkids.

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