Monday, July 4, 2011

Built to Spill/Marine Research - Air Mail EP

Built to Spill/Marine Research – Air Mail 7”
K, 1999
Acquired: K Records Mail Order, New, 2006
Price: $4

Oh man! One of my favorite 7”s in my possession. The concept is that Built to Spill in Idaho cover one of Amelia Fletcher’s songs (in this case, Heavenly’s “By the Way” and Amelia Fletcher in England covers one of Built to Spill’s tunes with her new band, Marine Research (in this case, “Sick and Wrong”). I only ever listened to “By the Way” because it’s so good and Built to Spill make it better than the original. However, Marine Research’s take on “Sick and Wrong” is really, really nice. Amelia Fletcher has one of my favorite voices in music, any kind of music, not just indie pop/twee, and whattya know! They manage to improve upon Built to Spill’s original! Best of both worlds! Pure pop bliss from America and England, putting the true meaning of the International Pop Underground out on display!

Sadly, I can't find either of these jams on youtube, but I DID find this video of this high school girl who is SO SO SO cool because she smokes and put "Carry the Zero" over her rant about getting her expensive camera taken away by her parents and getting grounded. It's like some amazing post-art thing. "I went to bed at 9:30 yesterday. And I woke up at 6:30." Incredible.

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