Saturday, July 9, 2011

Various Artists - Vive Le Ska

Various Artists – Vive Le Ska
Unicorn Records, 1989
Acquired: Half Price Books, Lawrence, 2010
Price: $2.5

For some reason, this was an irresistible acquisition. Something about a French ska compilation that warranted at least one listen through, if only for novelty value. Aaaand, it’s pretty much what you’d expect: a bunch of mostly really bad or poorly mixed/recorded two tone delivered in broken English. Still, it’s kind of quaint and it is always kind of fun peeking into another culture’s take on another culture’s music. In this case it’s less Caribbean, more British, so you get layers of strange influence. Influence that prevents it from sounding really French or unique. It’s cute, but the wave of upstrokes, horn blasts, a hep heps gets old real, real fast.

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