Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Dream Academy - "The Love Parade" 12-Inch

The Dream Academy – “The Love Parade” 12-Inch
Blanco Y Negro, 1985
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2011
Price: $0.25

A couple years back I bought the Dream Academy’s self-titled LP to satisfy Jenny’s affinity for this band, notably their hit “Life in a Northern Town.” “The Love Parade” is a single from the same album, and much less lovely and whimsical than the previously mentioned “Northern Town.” It’s almost dark, if this sort of cheesy mid-80s dreamy synth-pop can be dark. It works, though. It’s repetitive as all hell, but uses it in a sort of hypnotic way that’s nice and mysterious and a bit lush. Sensual. Something like that, which makes sense since the song is about fucking and stuff. The B-side carries a 7-Inch version of “The Love Parade” that sounds pretty much exactly like the A-side version and “Girl in a Million (For Edie Sedgwick)” which is naturally, much better than the actual single. Naturally because that’s the way these slick sounding 80s bands were. Make the singles sound really sharp, studio-heavy jams etc and the B-sides are a bit of fun. It’s a pensive little ditty about you guessed it, Andy Warhol acolyte Edie Sedgwick and it’s sad because of the mournful woodwinds and the droney infinite sadness synths. Good stuff. The cover design is by the legendary Peter Saville, which is neat and probably the reason I picked this up despite not learning that little tidbit til just now. Nice design.

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