Monday, July 4, 2011

Budgie Jacket - World's Famous EP

Budgie Jacket – World’s Famous EP
Parasol, 1993
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008
Price: $1

Cute Japanese twee pop offa Parasol, one of those lovely little indie pop labels that put out a whole bunch of wonderful under the radar releases in the 90s. This one is pretty run of the mill twee. Extra high pitched girl vocals to account for the Japanese-ness and despite my general eh feeling about most things Japanese music (with the exception of Guitar Wolf, who are un-fucking-stoppably good), this is a really solid single. Also, I’m not sure if those are girly vocals because the inside of the sleeve has some shots of four young Japanese men in what can only be described as “promotional photographs.” There’s a little inscription on the back that reads “this is our second single named world’s famous ep put the soul in your rock ‘n’ roll aallrightt it’s ok it’s your right to choose who you listen to it’s rock you will find us in the middle of the road thank you.” It’s endearing, the idealization of what rock and roll is that seems to pop up in eastern culture. Like they get it MORE than we do, what it means over what it is. This 7” isn’t anything fancy, not great or earth shattering but it’s nice and it’s pleasant and the tunes have nice melodies and that’s nice.

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