Monday, July 4, 2011

Nobunny - Love Visions

Nobunny – Love Visions
1234 Go! Records, 2008
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2011
Price: $4

So, a few years back I went and saw Nobunny at the Taproom when he was opening for Boo and Boo Too. It was just a dude in tighty whiteys with a crazy rabbit mask, gyrating with a microphone while his mega lo-fi garage rock backing tracks played on a portable CD player through the PA. It was pretty cool, but only because the songs were really catchy. When he played “I Am a Girlfriend,” I was hooked. That garage rock revival boom that happened a couple years ago was so oversaturated that finding the bands that were worth listening to was tricky. Subsequently, even the good bands sounded a bit watered down and samey but the really, really good ones knew how to actively kick you in the ass. Nobunny never really kicked you in the ass. Love Visions is a fun record, and “I Am a Girlfriend” is a super great track, but halfway through it all starts blurring together and sure, it’s good and it’s really really easy to love that lo-fi power pop shit but damnit, it’s just a blur of crunchy guitars. Fun, again fun fun fun, but maybe forgettable and maybe that was the whole point of that revival. To make records that were immediately satisfying that the artists actively knew would not stand the test of time. There’s some merit to that. Marble purple vinyl makes everything better though.

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