Monday, July 15, 2013

Desolation Wilderness - "Until Forever" 7"

Desolation Wilderness – “Until Forever” 7”
K Records, 2008
Acquired: KJHK Music Staff, New, 2008
Price: $0

My Desolation Wilderness 7”s were misfiled, however after writing up “No Tomorrow” it feels weird to try and pretend I’m reviewing “Until Forever” first. They are very different records, and the band’s evolution between the two singles is dramatic. “Until Forever” and its b-sides are pretty much sound collages with airy, distant vocals dumped into the mix. They are ambling, but not totally worthless. “Gloria” coaxes a ghostly quality out of its synthesizers and gains a haunting quality from the lo-fi production. It’s a brief little tone poem but intriguing. “4/4 Love Song” is the closest Desolation Wilderness comes to actually establishing a melody. There are no words, so the love song aspect has to be gleaned from the sweetness of the synths. It’s nice. It’s pleasant. But it has the feeling that there is something Zwart has yet to realize about his abilities. There is potential, but every song here feels half-done. Where I faulted “No Tomorrow” for being under the influence of Galaxie 500, I’m now impressed that in a year this band totally morphed into a band that could make a song-song.

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