Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diskothi Q - "Massapoag" 7"

DiskothiQ – “Massapoag” 7”
Shrimper, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden Shotgun Room, Used, 2008
Price: $.25

Whilst culling the Love Garden Shotgun Room for 90s alt-rock 45s, I had a weird series of guidelines. If it was on a label I thought was cool (Harriet Records, Shrimper, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Matador, K, etc) I bought it almost no questions asked unless it looked like real garbage. If I scanned the liner notes and saw a name I was familiar with and that name had positive connotations, I bought it. This one falls into the latter. The Peter in this band is Peter Hughes, bassist of the Mountain Goats. DiskothiQ are famous (read: Indie Famous, read also: They Aren’t Even Indie Famous) for doing a series of songs about every NFL team (those songs are pretty wonderful). The music is pretty much your standard dudes-with-guitars mid 90s college rock, but each 7” came with an individualized sand painting! To think, I just thought the derper who owned this previously got a bunch of sand stuck to the sleeve!

I can't find either of these songs on youtube, but here's their song about the Dallas Cowboys (which was recorded five years after this 7" and the quality is notably way better):

You can find digital versions of DiskothiQ's LPs (including the football ones, I can't stress enough, are wonderful) over at Peter Hughes's Five Tools  website. The site also has a whole bunch of entries about baseball games and some really fantastic photo diaries of Mountain Goats tours and recording sessions through the 00s. The afternoon I wrote-up this 7" I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon flipping through them. The Mountain Goats' staggering discography is appealing to completest types, and I can only assume completest types would love seeing the place where Tallahassee was recorded and what the post-recording wrap party looked like. Also seeing familiar faces from other bands you love (Though process: "I wonder if they'll meet up with John K Samson in Winnipeg?" "OH MY GOD THERE'S JOHN K SAMSON! THEY'RE AT HIS HOUSE! THAT'S WHAT HIS HOUSE LOOKS LIKE!").

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