Tuesday, July 30, 2013

End of D - 7"

I’m wondering how much it would cost to insure my record collection. After logging the A, B, and C portions of my LPs, I’ve become convinced that most of my records are selling at roughly what I paid or have appreciated in value. It makes me feel a whole lot better at blowing what is now over $3000 in records. Plus as I stated in the write-up for Village Green, this is basically my the inheritance of my future children, which, considering my wife is pregnant, is something I need to seriously think about (amongst a million other things!) Regular Monday-thru-Friday posts until I run out of records to write about (and considering I’ll be taking over the LPs at HPB in a couple weeks, I don’t know when the hell I’ll ever run out of records to write about).

Running Total: $2972.75

New Total: $3083.25

Here are this week's jams:

Mount Eerie - "Stone's Ode" 
In which Burzum has never sounded so beautiful, as a small chunk of the lyrics at the end are from Burzum's "Dunkelheit."

Baroness - "Take My Bones Away" 
In which I dip my toes into the shallow end of the dark pools of metal. Not that Baroness are shallow, but they're "safe." (I listened to that Burzum song lyric-checked in the Mount Eerie song and got really creeped out because I am a weakling and feel like metal dudes would know I spent a year and a half making fun of black t-shirts and long greasy hair every time I wrote about a metal band for the Pitch Music Newsletter). 

Mixtapes - "Like Glass"
In which I might as well just give up on finding music for myself and keep reading Nick Spacek's blog. Though my tastes changed, my heart cannot deny smart pop-punk with some of the most satisfyingly hooky choruses I've heard all year. 

Serengeti - "Directions" 
In which Kenny Dennis drops some knowledge.

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