Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beatles - Abbey Road

The Beatles – Abbey Road

Apple, 1969

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, Shotgun Room, 2007

Price: $2

I’m listening to this now and I just realized that I’ve never listened to this record. Of course I love the singles like “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun,” but yeah, this is all new to me. It sounds like an end of the road record (which makes sense given that it was the last record they recorded, though Let it Be was released last). They seem to have chilled out and laid off the drugs a bit since Sgt. Pepper and here the harmonies just swirl around pretty little guitar lines (I’m thinking “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” right now) and it’s just a wonderful record full of ideas. The second half is really kind of awesome, as it kind of breaks down into a bunch of little song fragments in an almost Guided by Voices-ish way.*

*Note: This is the first of what will probably be many references to Guided by Voices. You should know right now, I have no shame about my unabashed adoration of GBV and if you ever want to talk about them at length, I'm your man. That is, if you are an obsessive geek with no life, I'm you man.

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