Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Flag - Loose Nut

Black Flag – Loose Nut

SST, 1985

Acquired: Half Price Books Olathe, Used, 2003

Price: $14

I really don’t like this record very much, but I really do love the line-up of Henry Rollins, Greg Ginn, Kira Roessler and the great Bill Stevenson (of Descendents and being an all around go-to drummer fame) on drums. And it features backing vocals from Milo Aukerman and Dez Cadena, and I think that rules. That and “Loose Nut,” sonically is the closest Black Flag gets to the Damaged days, which despite the fact I don’t like it nearly as much as I do The First Four Years, I understand why it’s a landmark punk record and I do like it a lot. Lyrically, I can’t stand listening to this song. “Loose nut in my head/ a bolt of lightning between my legs.” Ung. Maybe it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just really fucking weird. Actually yeah, now that I’m listening to this I don’t know why I thought I hated it. I say this because for some reason it was in this stack of records that I feel are unfit for my collection, so they are sequestered in the top shelf in my closet. Like, the little chiming guitar bits (and the solo) on “Bastard in Love” are pretty awesome, even though the song is a little clumsy. It’s like a drunk guy stumbling, you keep waiting for him to fall but somehow he manages to get home. I guess my main problem is that the songs are all too long. Nervous Breakdown blasts out four songs in just over five minutes and the tracks here range from 3 and a half to 4 and a half minutes long and they get a little tedious. You know, I don’t even care, because the songs are really good. When I put this on I was like “I’m going to sell this, I don’t want it” but now I want to have it! It’s surprisingly better than I remembered.

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