Thursday, January 29, 2009

Belle and Sebastian - I'm Waking Up to Us

Belle and Sebastian – I’m Waking Up to Us

Matador/Jeepster, 2001

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2006

Price: $6

One of my favorite singles ever. On my first ever radio show three years ago this was one of the last songs I played. It’s in a comic somewhere, where Barrett (who had a giant beard then and I didn’t know at the time) came in and it’s playing in the background and I look really excited because I played the song kind of at random and really, really loved it immediately. It’s still probably my favorite B&S song. “I think I’m waking up to us/We’re a disaster,” that line is my favorite example of Stuart Murdoch’s gift for writing sick vocal lines paired with really great, sad, wonderful, ironic lyrics. It’s one of the best break-up songs ever, covering the gamut of emotions one feels upon such an event. This single also has “Marx & Engels” on it, another B&S tune that’s high on my list of favorites (but I’m really a sucker for songs about meeting girls in Laundromats, but I think that’s some sort of inherent male fantasy). “I Love My Car” is a song I identify with because I really do love my car and I will probably cry when it dies. Also, the front and back covers have cute girls holding cute dogs! What’s not to love!

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