Wednesday, December 3, 2014

28 Days of Christmas: Belle and Sebastian - "Winter Wooskie"

A lot of my favorite Christmas songs aren't about Christmas at all. I recognize that sentence makes no sense. I like Winter. I was born in Winter. I don't even mind that my skin turns into sandpaper and I feel like the living embodiment of a desert. Winter rules. I hate driving in the snow but Winter rules. I love it so much I bought a coat built for -65 degrees! It's big, and bulky, and the best ever. The Belle and Sebastian b-side "Winter Wooskie" is a hallmark to my holiday season. One that gets dropped into every Christmas mix I make because it's such a perfect song and I don't think enough people have heard it. It's one of the rare non-Stuart Murdoch led tracks, and Stevie Johnson gets to show us a different dimension to this fantastic band.

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