Friday, December 5, 2014

28 Days of Christmas: Sufjan Stevens - "I'll Be Home for Christmas" + "Christmas Unicorn"

It is very, very hard to isolate one shining example from Sufjan Steven's impressive body of Christmas songs. The guy has released ten albums of holiday fare! The songs range from faithful renditions of Christmas classics and totally out there goofy weirdo fun stuff like the twelve-minute "Christmas Unicorn." So I'm going with "I'll Be Home For Christmas," which is one of the more conservative and heartwarming Christmas songs and it's a treat to hear someone with Stevens' talent and knack for the avant garde reign it in and produce something that is both true to the original and unique and interesting.

And because you can't just tease a song called "Christmas Unicorn," here's "Christmas Unicorn," which, despite it's seemingly goofy title, is an absolutely epic (12+ minutes!) and wonderful tune.

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