Tuesday, December 2, 2014

28 Days of Christmas: Jimmy Eat World - "Last Christmas"

So like I was saying in my last post, I think that Taylor Swift version of "Last Christmas" is bullshit. Got no soul. You should have to provide a list of references who can vouch for the time you gave someone your heart and the very next day they gave it away before you get green lit to cover Wham's greatest achievement. Lord knows Jim Adkins has been there (See: Clarity, the fact that these guys were reviving emo before emo got a bad rap). I mean, I don't want to be the Christmas Song Police (read: I want to be the Christmas Song Police), but there needs to be some order! A code, damnit! Anyway, I think Jimmy Eat World's rendition of the tune is a great one that puts their stamp on the track while keeping the emotional resonance of the original intact.

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