Thursday, September 3, 2009

Destroyer - Bay of Pigs

Destroyer – Bay of Pigs EP
Merge, 2009
Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2009
Price: $8 (with moving sale discount)

After the fairly tame Trouble in Dreams, Dan Bejar returns with what sounds like something from the Your Blues era that he never got to let out. This is apparently Bejar's foray into “Ambient Disco,” and as awful as that could be, it's pretty fucking sweet. Or at least sweet enough for me to literally run out into the streets and buy it. At 14 minutes this is the longest Destroyer song and somehow, Bejar makes it work all the way through. Granted, I'm a fanboy and my love of all things Bejar is well documented, but “Bay of Pigs” is some next level shit. I'm fairly certain it's a one-off, and that's all it needs to be. I haven't taken the time to analyze this one piece by piece. Mostly because it's one of Bejar's more out-there works, or maybe it's not and it's all just bullshit that sounds like genius. “A ransom note written on the night sky above reminds me what, in particular, about this wine I love. Like a punctured beast better off dead, compliments going to my head... La Da Da La Da Da!” The b-side is another “Ambient Disco” tune and a reworking of one of Trouble in Dreams' best tunes, “Rivers.” “Ravers,” sadly, falls a little flat. However, given that it was one of the best written songs on Trouble letting the lyrics soak in is nice. The song just doesn't really go anywhere. Also: Best Destroyer cover art since Rubies, and best yet!

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