Monday, September 21, 2009

The Jayhawks - Blue Earth

The Jayhawks – Blue Earth
Twin/Tone, 1989
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2006
Price: $10

No doubt purchased during my alt-country phase Junior year, I'm pretty sure I picked this up after digging on a few really excellent Golden Smog tracks, which in turn I got into via my obsession with Jeff Tweedy. Apparently, this album was originally recorded as demos to attract a major label record deal, which seems kind of sleazy but the thing is, this comes off as a pretty good late 80's alt-country record. It's a little flat (they're demos, for fucks sake) but the songs are there for the most part and it's a pretty enjoyable listen despite the fact that I just realized I don't really need this in my collection and will probably sell it. Ok, I'm only on “Dead End Angel” and I'm already bored by the pseudo-honky tonk. “Two Angels” is pretty excellent, but that's track 1! Getting through the rest is a draaaaggggggggg. “Commonplace Streets” is even worse. It goes nowhere and the vocal line isn't interesting in the least. It's just a fucking boring song, like most of this record.

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