Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk/ Boo and Boo Too - Baby Boo Split

Baby Bird Don't Drink Milk/ Boo And Boo Too – Baby Boo Split
Lovely Sea, 2009
Acquired: Release show, New, 2009
Price: Pretty sure it was free with the price of admission.

Ah yes, the 7” of Lawrence's two most up and coming bands of 2009 released by the label Seth and Edmond started to release this record. It's weird that this came out only a year, year and a half ago, because 2009 sounds so long ago. Both songs sound like songs you put in the middle of an album. Neither are really overly catchy or anything like that, and maybe that's the point. Baby Birds' contribution, “3,” was one one of their myriad CDRs, and actually come to think of it, the closest they come to writing a pop song. It's all in the drums though. All in the drums. It's really long though, or FEELS really long. I just listened to it through at 45 RPM and still thought it was kind of long, but yeah, if Baby Birds have a song they can call a song that was really awesome, it's probably “3.” They probably sound completely different though, if they're still a band that is. Same with Boo and Boo Too, if they're still a band, their contribution “I Am the Lorax” pry sounds nothing like what they sound like now. Granted, “I Am the Lorax” sounds more like an Ad Astra Per Aspera song crossed with I dunno, some gloomy Bauhaus with layers and layers of reverb as usual. It feels a little slight, but that's just my opinion and I'm just bummed that “Ripper's Hell” never got a proper release. Although, that's going under my assumption that Boo and Boo Too broke up, which I really have no evidence of. I just assume that when bands stop playing shows they've broken up...or been cannibalized by other local musicians to form new bands. Who knows.

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