Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Troggs - Vintage Years

The Troggs – Vintage Years
Sire, 1976
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2010
Price: $4

Shittttttt, I forgot how much my little heart swells for 60s psychedelic garage music. I mean, swells to the point where I can overlook “I Want You” being the exact same song as “Wild Thing” but with maybe one different chord and less than half the inspiredness. Inspiredness isn't a word, is it? Inspiration, right. But yeah, I listen to this and a chord is struck in my black little heart. A chord that makes me want to play music because this is a primal scream for the anyone-can-play-guitar generation. Four homely nerds bashing out grungy tunes in a fashion that puts you there with the band, in the garage or wherever. It's that feeling of getting things to tape. The raw excitement of “let's record this right now, as it is.” It may not be the best recording or whatever, but it's the one that people are going to remember. You get that certain desperation in the singing that you don't get in a proper studio. Overall, a nice collection of songs that sound a lot alike but still kick some ass.

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