Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mike Bones - "What I Have Left" 7"

Mike Bones - “What I Have Left” 7”
The Social Registry, 2008
Acquired: Seth gave it to me, Used, 2009
Price: $0

Seth was cleaning out his 7” collection when I was at his house last year and gave me an extra copy he had of this saying it was good. And he was right, it was good. It's the single to the album A Fool For Everyone, which I've never listened to, and I hadn't ever listened to this single until now. It's a great, sad song that builds and builds and the little guitar/piano melody that runs through the whole thing is just great, and it's very interesting hearing everything build and build around it especially towards the end when it gets kind of epic. Can't really describe it, though I SHOULD be able to describe it, pretending to be a music critic and all. There are strings, which makes anything epic, naturally. The B-side is a remix of the song by Social Registry label mates Sian Alice Group, and despite my general wariness of remixes by other bands given that they end up sounding just like the original but with a beat or some shit cut out, the song is good enough that the remix actually sounds OK. It's more spare, and more rearranged than remixed, and while it kind of totally falls apart at the end, it's mostly good. And now I'm going to get A Fool for Everyone, because if the songs are even half as good as this one, it's sure to be a solid record. Even if it sucks, this song is gonna be one of those songs that floats around. Years from now, some random person will find it in a cutout bin and buy it for a quarter and go “Hey, this song is really great whatever happened to Mike Bones?”

Listen to the song, it's very very good. Very classic singer-songwriter sounding.

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