Monday, November 29, 2010

The Boo Radleys - "Barney (...And Me)" 7"

The Boo Radleys - “Barney (...And Me)” 7”
Creation, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2009
Price: $.50

Oh beautiful Britpop from Creation Records! The Boo Radleys were one of those band I highlighted after printing out a master list of indie-pop bands when the twee phase kicked off, and I never really found any of their stuff until after that phase ended. I did see this 7” and jump, though. I mean, fifty cents for a mid 90s alt rock record on Creation? Yes please! “Barney (...And Me)” is a pretty terrific song, accented by a stupid little flute melody that is strangely endearing and some sweet boy-girl harmonies. It's comfort food music. Guitars, nice melodies, simple stuff. “Barney (...And Me)” is a single from their third album, Giant Steps, which I need to listen to now. The b-side “Zoom” is a wonderful, Sarah Records-y tune that like some forgotten Field Mice song, what with the strummy clean guitar, little guitar riff, and forlorn sadboy vocals with a brighter hook. Like all my favorite 7”s, this is one of the treasures I hoped to unearth...despite not actually unearthing anything, just listening to records I already had and should have listened to ages ago. Alas! No dwelling on the past! This is a pretty excellent little 7” that is most certainly going to lead to digging up the rest of the Boo Radley's discography.


  1. Hey are you going to be making a year end list?

  2. Natch...just need to plow through the innumerable records I missed so far this year.

  3. Did you get Blonde Redhead's new album?