Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blow - Paper Television

The Blow – Paper Television

K Records, 2006

Acquired: K Records Mailorder, New, 2008

Price: $10

So, for some reason this summer I got REALLY into this record. Actually, I got really into the first three songs and the last three songs. I’m still kind of eh about the middle of the record and after “The Big U” I just wait (impatiently) for “Pardon Me.” And while “Parentheses” is like, one of the most perfectly designed mixtape songs ever and sweet and wonderful and dancey, “Fists Up” is the masterpiece here. I mean, in terms of pop songs, and K Records pop songs, “Fists Up” reminds me of Mirah and Tiger Trap in a weird way and at the same time it’s this little electro dancefloor number. The way it switches up towards the end, oof. And “True Affection” is pretty amazing too. And I am now remembering that I had to lance a blister on my thumb last night from playing guitar on the porch in the afternoon for an hour and I’m thinking “This blister is so worth it, and it actually feels kind of good now that it’s popped.” Anyway, The Blow: makers of albums with super strong starts and finishes, needers of making more consistent records, creators of “Fists Up,” the best song in the universe.

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