Sunday, February 1, 2009

Karl Blau - Nature's Got Away

Karl Blau – Nature’s Got Away

K Records, 2008

Acquired: K Records Mail Order, New, 2008

Price: $10

So, at SXSW I was talking to Karl Blau and he said his new album was called Nature’s Got Away. I thought he said Nature’s Got a Way and it’s interesting how just combining the a and the way it changes the connotation completely. Anyway, I think this album is really weird in the best way. The opening track “Moved On From Dreams” is this swirling little jam that has this weird ass synthesizer thing running through it and there’s just something really interesting around all of these songs. I think it’s a certain kind of innocence that inhabits these songs. Lyrically and melody-wise, “Before Telling Dragons” almost sounds like a song kids would sing on the playground but upon closer listening you can see how perfectly constructed it is, despite the fact that the arrangement is pretty loose. It’s a nice springtime record that makes you want to walk out into a forest and cavort with the trees, to walk barefoot through a stream or spend an afternoon on a hidden beach. That kind of happened yesterday, we all went out to the lake and sat on the beach and laid in the sun all day. It was perfect and wonderful and listening to this record is making me think of that, and how nice it is to be out in nature (even though the lake is, well, a reservoir, ha). “Mockingbird Diet” makes me think of this, and it was one of my favorite songs of 2008. Where the rest of the album is kind of loopy at times, this one is a straight-up jam. This whole record is a jam, and when I got it, it marked the first time I’d bought a record having not heard it already upon purchase and that was really exciting to me.

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