Monday, July 6, 2009

Dub Narcotic Sound System w/ Lois - Ship to Shore EP

Dub Narcotic Sound System/Lois – Ship to Shore

K, 1996

Acquired: Lawrence Antique Mall, Used, 2007

Price: $3

This is apparently a Dub Narcotic remix EP, but I was very confused because it features Lois Maffeo on the A-Side and on the B-Side it reads “Lois with Dub Narcotic Sound System.” Hence, I had a filing dilemma. For a project that relies on alphabetizing, this seemed like an important issue. Ultimately, the Dub Narcotic remixes are on side A and this little EP is listed under Dub Narcotic on All Music, so yeah, they win out. I should note that I have never really listened to Dub Narcotic Sound System, despite my rabid fanboy-ness for every other Calvin Johnston project (Beat Happening, the Halo Benders (who we will get to later in this project, with a funny story), The Go Team, and his solo stuff). I think I tried listening to Out of Your Mind once and it never stuck. Maybe I need to give it another listen, but not based on their remixes on this EP, because they’re not very good. I love Lois (Strumpet, in particular, which I own), but goddamn, these remixes scream mid-90s trip-hop or something. I would like to hear the original version of “Ship to Shore,” but only if Calvin is singing it (i.e. I need to download Boot Party). Seriously, though, the “Ship Shape Remix” fucking blows. As a matter of fact, I’m turning it over right now because I can’t tolerate it and my girlfriend is annoyed by it. The Lois side of things is a little better, but not as much as I’d hoped. Seriously, Lois sounds like an off-brand Liz Phair or maybe someone striving for a spot in Lilith Fair. Or at least that’s what I get when I hear “Rougher.” Ung, no wonder this was only three bucks, although it could be worse. After peeling off the tag from the Antique Mall, I noticed that the original buyer had picked it up at Love Garden for four. And I’ll probably end up selling it back for one. Oof.

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