Friday, July 17, 2009

The For Carnation - The For Carnation

The For Carnation – The For Carnation

Touch and Go, 2000

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007

Price: $5

This is the post-Slint project of frontman Brian McMahan and guitarist David Pajo and it sounds a lot like Slint, although it’s much more straight forward and not nearly as awesome as Spiderland. But, during my post-rock/math-rock phase a couple of years ago, I thought this album was the shit. Right now, I think it’s a decent record but it mostly just makes me want to listen to Spiderland, and I’ve been researching Slint while listening to this. It’s an album to ignore rather than one to drool over. It’s perfectly fine, it’s just a little boring.


  1. its the best album ever. spiderland is boring compared to this one

  2. who are you to talk such nonsense.
    the for carnation, exspecially this album is beyond awesome.
    "a little boring"? oh boy. spiderland's a little boring, dude.
    it's talking with some melody, wow, ooh the hype.
    this album right in your hands is deep. it's the SHIT.