Wednesday, July 15, 2009

End of D

A+B+C = $541
D = $199
(A+B+C)+D = $740

Goddamn that's a lot of money for four letters. Although, A through D comprises 1/5 of my LPs, so it makes a little sense. I'm incredibly excited to be done with Bob Dylan, and I have recently undertaken another D: Drywalling a fist-shaped hole in my bathroom wall. Did I create this hole? Yes. Was it over a year ago, sometime last summer or spring when I was indulging in my habit of punching at the wall above the toilet while drunk and taking a piss? Yes. There are consequences to drunkenly thinking "I wonder if I can punch a hole through this wall if I hit it just hard enough with my top knuckles." That consequence is buying a drywall repair kit from Ace Hardware and trying to figure out how to patch a hole in your wall when you are not handymanesque in the least. Anyway, there are only two entries for E and only a few for F, so it looks like the variety of is going to be picking up!

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