Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eat Skull - Sick to Death

Eat Skull – Sick to Death

Siltbreeze, 2008

Acquired: Eat Skull show at the Replay, New, 2008

Price: $10

I don’t even know why I went to see Eat Skull, but somehow, that night, I ended up at the Replay. I think I was meeting some girl, or something, but ended up talking to Justin Brown most of the time who told me this was his “Record of the Year” so I figured the band must be good (given that Justin seamlessly took over Alternative Flashback for Gabe and gave me another year of obsessive band-looking-up and discovery). They were good, of course, but mostly they were fucking loud, which made them incredibly good and I kept grabbing Drew’s arm (I was drunk by the time they played) and saying “I can’t believe how fucking good these guys are.” I think they’re among the best of the lo-fi “shitgaze” thing that everyone is doing right now. It doesn’t all sound like the same song fourteen time, and has a great little ebb and flow. This also has some of my favorite album art of 2008! Also, my girlfriend is trying to take a nap right now and asked if I was “trying to wake her up.” I had to say, “No baby, I’ve gotta work through this record collection, and the rules is the rules,” even though I wished I could put on the Electrelane record right next to Eat Skull, which is perfect nap music.

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